Design a “Vacating Club: Limbo between silence and agitation” at the edge of Brookline and Boston for the year 2020. The Club harbors a potentially surreal collection of activities - a thermal bath, numerous spaces for vacating, a café news bar – united, integrated or interrupted only by a circulation system servicing all the floors. The location for the club is adjacent to the public transportation system (T green line) at a prominent site characterized by a dramatic drop in elevation between two primary street frontages.


thomas Robert Mapplethorpe, Thomas (1987)


People are constantly connected; incessantly informed. Yet people are becoming distant and numb.

All visitors are required to strip themselves of attachments before entering into the Cube. Inside the Cube, naked bodies are infinitely duplicated and minified by the reflective concave surfaces. The agitation of existing in the same space in one’s barest form, all compressed into the distorting surfaces, is silenced by the complete lack of spatial information within the vacating spaces. So pure is the vacating space that there is not even an edge for light to catch, or shadow to cast. One have no where to focus but one’s own breath, and one’s own thoughts, or the lack thereof.

In the Cube, people find themselves.

People who have never been to the Cube may never understand the absurd proposal. People who have always go back.


elevation collage

plans sections

in between floor plates

close to a bath

inside of a bath Render of interior of a bath

long view